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Vacation is over, a lot of new posts coming!

I cannot believe it has been since October of last year that I have written a blog entry! Yes, I have been busy, but aren’t we all busy? I don’t think it is a very good excuse. Addiction continues to be among our most serious public health problems, and we need to do as much as we can to help those who suffer. This site has been my small contribution, but over the past few months I have felt an increasing desire to do more.

Since switching this site to a new host server in 2007, request for pages has grown from about 2000 per month to well over 60,000 (and growing). I find this incredible, and am grateful for all of you who visit! It also tells me that there is a real and growing need for help, and that despite there being thousands of addiction-related sites out there, most of them fall short of offering helpful solutions.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I have spent the past couple of decades working as a licensed professional counselor, researcher, graduate school teacher, consultant, and friend to those who suffer, and over the years have developed a very broad, comprehensive and unique way to think about addiction and treatment. Perhaps one of the most influencing factors on my present work is my doctoral degree in systems science. Most of my family and friends still ask what the heck I studied all those years, but systems science essentially is about the science of solving complex and challenging problems. And in my opinion, what better problem than addiction to  address through the lens of systems science!

So, what can you look forward to in the months to come?  I get so many requests to blog about newly published books, cool new shows on addiction, and even apps that can help those who struggle with addiction, my problem is finding the time to do it, but I promise you I will!  And, if you are not finding what you need on my site, please email me, as I am always open for suggestions on how to improve it.


So what’s up with the stars!  I love photography and shot this a couple of weeks ago. Taking pictures reminds me of the importance of slowing down, focusing, and paying attention to what is right in front of me, in the present moment. Next time you are outside and the stars are shining, look up and take in the beauty of the sky. And thanks again for visiting the site, I promise, no more vacations.

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  1. omar wakid says:

    I agree with your article on how bad the growing number of citizens sitting in jail because their addictions. The fact that 2.3 million prisoners who are battling addiction are still in prison is baffling to me. After reading that i couldn’t help but think of how many of their addiction have gotten worse in prison or how much money the government is spending in keeping those prisoners in jai. From what i understand it can be more than 80 dollars a day from the tax payers money. I believe that money spent in recovering and treatment facilities for those with addiction would not only save the tax payers money in the long run, it would also better assist those people battling addictions so that they may reassimilate themselves in society.

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