About Addiction Management

This site is dedicated to helping those who struggle with addiction gain the knowledge and skills to overcome this challenging problem.addiction definition

Why does this site exist?

Because I believe most alternatives are not overly helpful, contain misinformation, or worse, are really about marketing expensive treatment programs that very often do not lead to good outcomes.

How does this website work?

Content is released in three ways:

  1. Weekly blog post(s) with new information related to addiction
  2. Monthly newsletter 
  3. Quarterly new eBook(s) on addiction

Are you trying to sell me stuff?

Yes and no. I believe everyone deserves to know the truth about addiction, treatment, and what works best to address this challenging problem.

Therefore, my Guide to Understanding Addiction will always be free, and all individual products and services aimed at helping you overcoming addiction will cost you no more than a latte and muffin. And…if you cannot afford any product and want it, just email me and it’s yours!

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Who is this site for?

In the broadest sense it’s for anyone with an interest in understanding and overcoming addiction.

More specifically, it’s for those who:

  • Struggle with addiction and want to overcome it
  • Have a spouse or partner struggling with addiction
  • Are parent’s of a child struggling with addiction
  • Have a loved one or friend they want to help

What makes this site unique?

The content! This site is focused on providing you helpful information that is well written, understandable, evidence-based, and to the point – because I know your time is valuable. Much of the content is unique because it’s a reflection of my background that leverages degrees in business, counseling psychology and systems science.

Add my professional experience as a therapist, researcher, consultant, and graduate school teacher, and you can see why I cannot just hire someone to write content for me!

To find out more about my background, go to the About Dr John Fitzgerald page.