Hitting Rock Bottom: Addiction Stories

Not long ago I was contacted by some folks who have been working hard on a show called Hitting Rock Bottom. It tells the real stories of people who have struggled with addiction, hit rock bottom, and found a way out. Unlike reality television that often turns tragic stories about addiction into entertainment, this show has a far more noble and broader reaching aim.

hitting-rock-bottomThe creater and Director, Corey Snyder, who has been in recovery for the past five years and also happens to be a very talented film maker, wants to instill hope (and action) in those who still struggle.

He portrays challenges with addiction through docu-drama storytelling that utilizes actors to dramatize real stories. He and his team have already completed the first four episodes of season one which you can watch on Hitting Rock Bottom.

Each episode is a few minutes, so watching them all will not take you that long.The first season tells the story of Daryl Brown, a very likable young man who sets out in life with no idea of what is ahead for him. The show is more than engaging, and realistically captures the underlying risk factors that contribute to going down a path of addiction.

It is real, scary, and unfortunately a story that plays out far too often.


  1. LMM says

    I found the story of Darryl very powerful and can appreciate the intelligent and compassionate angle that these mini-series are shot from. It is an interesting and powerful change from many of the reality television series that flood the television programming these days. I have experience growing up with abuse, so I felt a bit kindred to Darryl when he talked about watching his father hit and abuse his mother: I watched my dad break a glass on my mom’s face once, and I can today recognize that as the trauma that leads me to engage in certain behaviors that, at times, I can feel leaning toward the line of dependency and abuse…I feel empowered by watching stories like Darryl’s, because they help me to recognize the abuses that occurred very young in my life and how those have moulded both my expectations and behaviors in life: Knowing how these abuses have materialized in my life, I have a better grasp on controlling and changing my own behaviors.

  2. Angie says

    Hey, this sounds like a very positive way to get the stories across! People are so visual. When we see people in front of us or in a movie we can relate! I wish I were able to help out financially. I hope that you find help. Addiction has much more of an effect then the scientific studies of various drugs. I ripples out into the live of the children and their children. The energy just keeps going unless it is contained in the hearts of other humans. Good luck with this!

  3. amy kuper13 says

    What great episodes!! I watched Darryl and this is an awesome thing they are doing. These videos are inspiring, it is great to see people overcome their problems and be able to talk about them. This is helpful to know their are other people out there who have struggled. These people struggled and not only that, but they overcame their struggles. It was sad to see the story of Darryl, how he defended his mother with the risk of prison just for her to turn around and beat on him. I have never been in this position so it was good to hear his story. The worst part was the last episode and the sad part is this stuff happens still today. Everyone has a struggle of some sort and it is good to hear these true stories. I like how the episodes are split up into stages. Great videos, sad, but good information.

  4. Marco Tran says

    Hello there,
    It is a good short movie about Daryl’s life. I can image the life was really hard for this kid when his parents cannot teach him to be good person in society. When the parents always fight in front of their children because of drugs, their children would become an addictive drug user or they would not have a good life compared to the children who have a happy family. I guess these children will find abuse drugs in order to forget their live in the past or bad people in society will let them try these free illegal drugs for the first time and then ask them to sell these drugs when they was being an addictive users. This movie helps me see directly about the life of drug users.It also teaches me to avoid these illegal drugs and never think it is ok to try it once because it is easy to get addictive with these drugs such as heroin and cocaine. I hope someone can help finance to compete this movie in order to teach people to stop using illegal drugs. This was really a perfect short movie. It was an emotional movie and made me to think about drug users. Especially the children were being an addictive drug user because their parents did not take care of them.

  5. Dung (Bee) Nguyen says

    This television show, Hitting Rock Bottom, definitely sounds like a show I wouldn’t mind watching. It seems like a show that everyone including me can relate to. I feel like there is a point in each person’s life that they have hit “rock bottom”. I definitely know that I have hit some very low points in my life and felt like I could never get back to where I used to be. The description of this show sounds like it’s very heartwarming. People talk about their addictions, how they hit rock bottom and how they found their way out. I think watching this show will help people resolve their own issues by seeing how others solved theirs. Sounds like it should a very solid and successful television show!

  6. says

    Unfortunately the producers have struggled to get funding to keep it going, which is sad because their work thus far on the show has been amazing. If you are so moved, please email the producers directly and let them know what you think of the episodes you can currently watch on their site. Good stuff! thanks for the comment


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