Addiction Management Blog


If you struggle with addiction, what should you do? 

  • This is not such an easy question to answer, although many will have you believe they know exactly what you should do. The reason is that addictive behavior is most often mixed with many other complicating issues – mental health disorders, physical health problems, housing, legal, social, employment - and the list goes on. When all these issues interact together with addictive behavior, what you get is a complex system of problems that requires careful thought into how best to proceed with interventions.
  • The overall strategy taken on this website is that knowledge is power. The more you understand about addiction, evaluation, and intervention, the better position you are in to know what to do. This does require some effort. But the time you invest in understanding your addiction, life problems, and various intervention options, will pay off immensely as you take control of the process and decide what is in your own best interest. This is important, because just because various treatment options exist, does not mean they are in your best interest. The key point is that you should become your own best resource on your life and how best to deal with your addiction. There are no absolute best solutions, only different paths you can take.  
  • So what to do? (1) study the pages and blog entries on this website, (2) consider professional treatment based on your insurance and financial needs, but know that treatment often is not necessary to make important life changes to improve your health, and (3) and check back as I plan to add more to this page.