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Articles by Dr. Fitzgerald

Understanding attitudes towards use of medication in substance abuse treatment: A multilevel approach
A parsimonious version of my dissertation co-authored with Dr. Dennis McCarty in Psychological Services

A multilevel analysis of individual and organizational-level effects on staff attitudes towards use of medication in substance abuse treatment
PhD Dissertation utilizing a systems approach to the complex issue of addiction medications in practice

Practical considerations in designing and implementing evaluation research for addiction treatment programs
Master’s Thesis reviewing various approaches to evaluation of addiction treatment

Addiction in the workplace
This paper reviews the empirical support for the prevalence of both substance and behavioral addictions in the workplace, and the consequences of such problems

How to stop smoking
Dr. Fitzgerald was interviewed for an article (Confessions of an ex-smoker: Winning the battle against nicotine by Terri Brown) on the website Moms Today. Although excerpts appear in the article, here are the complete answers to the questions asked in the interview.

Healing trauma: A therapist’s reflection on what works
Introduction to how Dr. Fitzgerald learned about somatic-based approaches to healing