Focusing to Move Beyond Addiction

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Not long after my wife and I were married, we decided to proactively increase our chances of staying together by enrolling in one of Dr. John Gottman’s weekend couples workshops in Seattle. At the time I was deeply immersed in my graduate studies in counseling and was excited to spend some time with the world-famous marriage guru. What I had… [Continue Reading]

Investing in Addiction Treatment: Is it Worth the Cost?


I recently talked with a Huffington Post reporter about the Real Tab for Rehab: Inside the Addiction Treatment Biz. In our discussion, I pointed out that to a large extent we still have an addiction treatment system that provides short-term (acute) treatment for a long-term (chronic) problem (this key point did not make the article). In… [Continue Reading]

Why Treatment Fails Patients

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I wrote a paper about this topic some time ago, but thought I would post a more parsimonious version of the top 10 reasons treatment fails patients. The point is not to suggest that treatment is always ineffective, just that we have a long way to go to optimizing it for those who struggle overcoming addictive… [Continue Reading]