Addiction and the Perennial Philosophy


We have known for a long time that among the most powerful ways to overcome addiction is through spiritual interventions. The essence of such approaches is that addiction is a problem of the ego, of our lower self, of the body. By harnessing the powers and energy from our higher self, from the part of us that… [Continue Reading]

Whose Will: Book on Addiction, Courage, and Hope


I had the recent pleasure of speaking with Willie Harris, the author of Whose Will: Ordinary Person, Extraordinary Life a riveting account of his personal struggle with addiction and path back to a spiritual and connected life. Like most, the roots of Willie’s problems with alcohol and drugs began early in life, in a family awash in… [Continue Reading]

Siddhartha’s Path Out of Addiction


I’m not sure how I missed reading Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha (Hilda Rosner translation) in high school, but I did. It’s one of those enchanting books I wish I would have read earlier! If you are unfamiliar with the story, I encourage you to read it and soak in its many wonderful messages about life. I have… [Continue Reading]

Sins and Needles Creativity Transforms Addiction


Ray Materson was a straight “A” student, President of his 6th grade class, and a youthful child looking ahead to a bright future. Then a combination of risk factors both in his family and school peer group, led Ray down a dangerous path where alcohol and drugs became his best friends. Before long, his drug-seeking behavior resulted in a twenty-five… [Continue Reading]

The Trauma of Death…and the Gift of Life


It was just like any other day, arriving home from high school, popping into the kitchen for a snack. The phone rang and I can still hear the words of my best friend’s older brother as if it was yesterday … John, you should sit down. Last night Doug took his life. Let me be clear, Doug was… [Continue Reading]