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Understanding Addiction

I believe addictions are about relationships. This idea is explored in many blog posts on this site, including:  a discussion about Tiger Woods, the Kaiser ACE study, the loss of social connection, and autism. In addition, the following video clips provide you even more insight into why I believe addictions are ultimately about relationships. Although each clip can stand on its own, if you watch them all you will understand much better the complex puzzle of addiction.

I also suggest reading The top five things you should know about addiction.


Addiction is About Relationships


Case Study: Addiction is About Relationships


Addiction is a Socially-Constructed Problem


Origins of Addiction: Risk and Protective Factors


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)


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To Feel Good or to Feel Better


Addiction and the Brain


Genetics of Addiction


Neuroimaging Addiction


Addiction is a Chronic Condition