I believe addictions are about relationships. This idea is explored in many blog posts on this site, including:  a discussion about Tiger Woods, the Kaiser ACE studysocial isolation, and autism. In addition, the following video clips provide you even more insight into why I believe addictions are ultimately about relationships. Although each clip can stand on its own, if you watch them all you will understand much better the complex puzzle of addiction. 

1) Addiction is About Relationships

2) Case Study: Addiction is About Relationships

3) Addiction is a Socially-Constructed Problem

4) Origins of Addiction: Risk and Protective Factors

5) Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

6) Addiction Comes in Packages

7) To Feel Good or to Feel Better

8) Addiction and the Brain

9) Genetics of Addiction

10) Neuroimaging Addiction

11) Addiction is a Chronic Condition